Our Story

Earthshake™ co-founders and long time friends, Greg Miller and Ali Katoozian, were running their businesses and raising kids with their wives Annie and Ashley who ran separate businesses of their own. With a never ending list of things to do and places to be, life for both families always seemed to be on the go. Trying to stick to an organic lifestyle and finding the time to make the kids every meal at home wasn't a reality, and fast food wasn't an option. They tried different kid's shakes, but none had all the qualities they were looking for: great taste, organic, non-gmo, limited ingredients and allergens, filling, with little to no sugar. 

As fate would have it, they were introduced to formulation expert and soon to be co-founder Adam Schretenthaler, by a family friend. Adam and his wife have a young daughter of their own and he also felt there was a void in the marketplace for the perfect organic nutritional shake for kids age 2+. 

They began testing several flavors with the kids and their friends until they had the perfect recipe; with the help of pediatric nutritionists and dietitians, Earthshake was born! A great tasting, nutritious, USDA Certified Organic shake with quality ingredients that kids and parents love! Oh, and BPA free, recyclable bags were the only acceptable option for packaging.

The Earthshake cause goes beyond creating the perfect nutrition shake for kids. We feel every child on Earth deserves access to a nutritious meal; as Earthshake grows, so will our effort to make that happen. To learn about how we support children in need please visit our community page earthshakekids.com/pages/community.